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We aim to touch a billion lives with our best-in-class services.

With healthcare institutions throughout the world increasingly stressed, people are often not inclined to rely on these stressed providers. Instead, more and more are likely to pay for better if not consistently exceptional standards of care.

To acknowledge the same, we constantly leverage cutting-edge technology to make our platforms easy to use and hassle-free. We have India’s largest network of NABH accredited hospitals and care centers, ensuring that our customers only have to use one platform for any of their medical/health insurance needs.

The Mayfair We Care platform represents a powerful global and Pan-Indian administration solution. In contrast, our Navya Cancer Care platform helps patients get second opinion services from some of the best cancer doctors and institutes from India and the United States of America. 

We also partner with ABTP to introduce the Corporate Athlete Programme to our members. Our program works on cutting-edge technology that provides data-driven solutions with expert physiotherapists to help address Training and Physical Rehabilitation.

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Medical Value Travel Facilitator

A medical value travel facilitator is involved in managing and coordinating everything from understanding the requirements of the patients, personalizing a treatment plan affordable for them, choosing the preferred hospital for them, and managing all their travel-related needs.

As India is one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations, we have a lot to offer as a medical tourism platform. From having an exhaustive list of NABH accredited network hospitals to teams helping patients with personalized treatment plans and arranging travel and hospitality services for them.

Mayfair We Care

Mayfair is a leader providing flexible medical benefits administration solutions across the Globe. Mayfair provides administration services focused on the health insurance market, including health, wellness, and assistance services.

Mayfair has worked with many of the world’s leading corporations, with over 100,000 members across 200 countries. It offers a consistent experience whether the member is in Argentina, Zimbabwe, or anywhere in between

The Corporate Athlete Programme

We partner with ABTP to introduce the Corporate Athlete Programme to our members. We offer the program through a group of centers dedicated to excellence around the country. We are revolutionizing how corporates and white collared employees view training and physical rehabilitation through technology that India hasn’t used before.

Our program works on a data-driven solution with expert physiotherapists to help address these concerns. The program helps have a better work environment and stay motivated to perform better each day while helping us foster healthy and productive working conditions for all our corporate customers and their employees.

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