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We aim to touch a billion lives with our best-in-class services.

Medical Value Travel Facilitator

A medical value travel facilitator is one that is involved in managing and coordinating everything from understanding the requirements of the patients, personalizing a treatment plan affordable for them, choosing the preferred hospital for them and managing all their travel related requirements. As India is one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations, we, as a medical tourism platform have a lot to offer, right from having an exhaustive list of NABH accredited network hospitals, to teams helping patients with personalized treatment plans, to arranging travel and hospitality services for them.

The NABH accreditation helps us ensure patient safety, credibility, improved health services for our customers and build quality culture throughout all levels of functions as a medical value travel facilitator. Our services are amped by quick adoption tools involved in our service delivery, helping us make a huge difference for the medical tourism sector in India.


A network of NABH accredited hospitals​

We have the largest network of NABH accredited hospitals that enables us to ensure our members’ journey is hassle-free and care-filled, right from discovering the right doctor, to booking an appointment with the hospital, to managing admission-to-discharge and follow-ups.

Expert medical opinion/second opinion services

As soon as a customer posts an enquiry, our teams will collect details from them, share them with the doctors and hospitals on our network to get them a doctor consultations and probable treatment plan within their budget along with a recommended travel plan.

Researched & Personalized Treatment Plan Under One Roof

Search for the best hospitals in India that treat cancer and ailments of the heart, bones or kidney. Patients can also read about them, view photographs of the facilities at the hospitals, area in which the hospitals are located, and check the cost of treatment, all in one place.

Quality treatment plans in your budget

As soon as a customer posts an enquiry, the patient relation team will collect details from them, share them with the doctors and hospitals on our network, and get a personalized treatment plan. We research to get quality treatment within your budget.

Treatment plans to travel services

Medi Assist concierge assists customers to obtain a medical Visa to travel to India (in case of international travel), best airline fares and arrangements for their stay. Our concierge also helps members with their daily travel, language assistance, and food concerns.

Our exhaustive reach

We have our provider network spread out in all major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, etc. This allows members to choose from an exhaustive list of options.


  • We study the health issue

    Customers can send us their reports and preferences to us.

  • Choose hospital

    They can choose the preferred hospital with the help of our network teams.

  • Plan hospitalization

    Our network team will get back to them with the hospitalization plan, catered to their request.

  • Proceed for treatment

    Customers can choose their plan and proceed with their travel.

Why choose Medi Assist as your medical concierge?

Discounted prices and high savings
No waitlists for high quality treatment​
Exhaustive list of network hospitals to choose from
World class facilities
Access to latest technology
Best surgeons and doctors
Customer care and experience

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