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We aim to touch a billion lives with our best-in-class services.

Our provider network is a group of medical providers, such as doctors, hospitals, labs, etc., that contract to provide services to our members at negotiated rates, design health plans to reduce costs, and protect customers against overbilling or other billing issues.

Our Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) has a goal of logical integration of the delivery (provision) of healthcare services, while including physicians and hospitals. The guiding business model and philosophical goal is to serve as a self-contained healthcare ecosystem, with the ability to contain the entirety of the patient experience and coordinated care.

The cloud based network platform currently includes health care providers like specialty physicians, hospitals, labs, X-ray facilities, home healthcare companies, same day surgery centers – across India, and has over 18,000 active provider partners.

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We enable cashless inpatient services in 11,000+ network hospitals, across 700+ cities, in India. Our members have an option to view the hospital profile, explore package rates for most commonly purchased procedures, select room type, pre-book an appointment and manage their medical records in a secure environment. 

Over 6,500+  of our network hospitals are connected to us through a cloud-based data exchange platform that allows for real-time data exchange and scheduling to deliver a superior customer experience.


We aggregate concierge outpatient services including doctor consultation (teleconsultation), labs, prescription benefits and health screening services across 230 cities. Our members can on-demand, select a service, book an appointment, make a purchase and manage their medical records in a secure environment.

Our network of hospitals, labs, pharmacies are connected to us either directly or via service aggregators. They are associated with our platform that allows real time data exchange, and scheduling to deliver a superior customer experience. 

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

RCM is a solution that tracks revenue from patients, right from their initial appointment or encounter with the healthcare system to their final payment. Errors in RCM can lead to healthcare providers receiving delayed payments or none at all.

The RCM team is responsible for maintaining compliance with coding regulations and uses proprietary AI/ML tools to automate medical and billing information.

Care Rangers

Care Rangers are our frontline teams who are trained and equipped to extend onsite (at hospital) concierge assistance to our members. Our care rangers operate in 8-cities and assist with streamlining appointment scheduling, admission, discharge, billing, etc. across our network hospitals. 

Our technology platform seamlessly merges the online and offline experience for our members.

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