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A value based company that pledges every employee a partner, every customer a commitment.

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Benefits Administration

Our Medical Benefits Administration capabilities leverage digital-first technologies that support the implementation and management of custom-built health/medical benefits. Our Platform integrates member benefits to insurer partners, agents, brokers, and the hospital network.

Our capabilities extend beyond inpatient care to outpatient and ambulatory care that includes preventive wellness, disease management, pharmacy benefits, telehealth supported by cashless claims management, reimbursement claims management, planned hospitalizations, and more.


Our provider (hospital) network is a group of medical providers, such as doctors, hospitals, labs, etc., that contract to provide services to our members at negotiated rates, allow health plans to reduce costs, and prevent customers from overbilling any other billing issues.

Our Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) aims to integrate healthcare services delivery (provision) while including both physicians and hospitals. The guiding business model and the philosophical goal is to serve as a self-contained healthcare ecosystem, with the ability to contain the entirety of the patient experience and coordinated care.

The cloud-based network platform currently includes health care providers like specialty physicians, hospitals, labs, X-ray facilities, home healthcare companies, same-day surgery centers – across India and has over 18,000 active provider partners.

Medical Concierge

We are a NABH certified, leading Medical Value Travel Facilitator in India who helps customers worldwide search and receive treatment from some of our network providers in the country. 

Mayfair We Care is a platform that represents a robust global health benefits administration solution. In addition to this, our partnership with Navya Cancer Care, a second opinion service, helps members reach out to experts from around the globe to receive a second opinion for cancer diagnosis.

We also partner with ABTP to introduce the Corporate Athlete Programme to our members. Our program creates awareness about training and physical rehabilitation through technology that India hasn’t used before.


Member benefits platform

Med-Benefits is a secure environment that lets members view their policy coverage, download documents, including their benefit schedule and member guide, and access raise claims online.

Outpatient benefits platform

Med-Max is a platform for automated, affordable, and accessible outpatient medical benefits. The platform helps track all outpatient services such as ordering medicines, booking lab tests, and doctor consultations.

Payer Platform

Med-Insur partners with payers to help accelerate their health insurance innovation journey. It offers an end-to-end core administration platform for small and large health plans to modernize their systems at scale and introduce new products quickly.

Claims management platform

Med-Claim simplifies the claims process for customers, employees, agents, and third parties with an innovative solution to meet a common industry problem — improving claims service while reducing costs.

Healthcare BI/Analytics

Med-Pi identifies factors and trends that drive losses, ensures providers are charging right for treatments, improves investment by using payer data-backed evidence to demonstrate and defend the success of a program or strategy.


The technology that Medi Assist partnered with us to build allows healthcare providers within the IHX eco-system to work collaboratively to manage a hospital’s revenue cycle, billing and settlement with third party payer systems. Our AI/ML collaboration with Medi Assist allowed us to deliver faster, accurate and superior outcomes.

Ambuj Kashyap

Ambuj Kashyap

Co-Founder, IHX

Our partnership with Medi Assist eliminates cost of suboptimal therapies that can result in loss of life or organ(s) or reduced quality of life and productivity in people detected with Cancer. Our partnership focuses on evidence-based expert recommended treatments, be it sponsored by states or corporations.

Gitika Srivastava

Gitika Srivastava

CEO, Navya

We have a very deep relationship with Medi Assist. They helped us expand our domestic network in India by leaps. Since then, we’ve leveraged Medi Assist vast health insurance domain knowledge for core product development and customer experience as well.

Michail Chopra

Michail Chopra

CEO, Mayfair We Care

At MediBuddy, we believe in community first and company second. We passionately believe in having partners that share the same values, and Medi Assist is one of those partners. Medi Assist helped us grow our competency, while being an exceptional strategic as well as execution partner.

Satish Kannan

Satish Kannan

CEO, MediBuddy

We were exploring partners… Medi Assist really stood out because you guys had the right skills and resources that we needed as a digital-first company.

Sarbvir Singh

Sarbvir Singh

CEO, Policybazaar
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