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We aim to touch a billion lives with our best-in-class services.

Did you know that you can easily submit your claims online?

A decade ago, standard medical benefits were somewhat of an afterthought.

Fast forward to now. With vastly different generations comprising today’s workforce and finding top talent harder than ever, offering status quo benefit packages won’t cut it. Employers are now being forced to get creative with their benefits strategies and offer outside-the-box packages to attract and retain top talent.

The reality is, benefits packages won’t become an attraction and retention tool if companies are stuck relying on a manual process. It’s an anxious and stressful time for HR and employees alike, especially if a manual process is part of the equation. All-in-all, we believe that members can maximize the impact a comprehensive benefits package can have on the entire organization and reduce the risk of errors to ensure compliance.

Our differentiators

Competitive rates/contracts

Creative solutions that deliver value from their benefits investment and improve health.

Simplified program delivery

For a unified, engaging employee experience, we offer a range of digital platforms designed to improve the employee benefits experience.

Optimize benefits

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach delivers real-world solutions using Medi Assist-proprietary tools.

Prevention of fraud and abuse

We use features like contact verification, and SI Protect to prevent member data from fraudulent activities online.

Medi Assist role in the health insurance ecosystem

Our Footprint

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Claim intimation option

Members can send us an intimation for their future claims before getting discharged from the hospital itself. Intimation helps us serve them better and prepare ourselves for their claim requests well in advance.

eCards for faster Cashless process

An eCard identifies members and their dependents as ones insured under a health insurance policy. An eCard also identifies us as their third-party administrator (TPA). It helps with faster checkout processes.

eCashless facility

In case our members want to plan their hospitalization needs, they can use this feature. They can get their hospitalization preauthorized 48 hours before admission. They have to find a desired hospital and select the treatment/surgery they wish to get done.

Locating hospitals in the vicinity

Our members can access an exhaustive list of hospitals in their vicinity, on the app or portal, for planned hospitalization or search for nearby hospitals.

Reimbursement claim submission

Members can upload all the original hospital documents on the app or portal to start the claim settlement process for them. Members can send the original copies of the documents later for final settlement.

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